Vip Restaurants



Ristorante AGORA' ROSSINI - Pesaro (PU)
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Ristorante ARISTON BLUE DREAM - Pesaro (PU)
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 SAN DOMENICO Restaurant - Urbino (PU)

In the "refectory" or the "foresteria" you will be able to enjoy all the Conventual specialties and recpies now forgotten.

Weather permitting, we organize events and receptions in the "cloister" where, among other things, an ancient Roman cistern stands out.





 BONCONTE Restaurant - Urbino (PU)

Terraces and private garden, ancient private "piola" to reach the main square and the "Palazzo Ducale".

A restaurant with typical local specialties and international cuisine





 DEI DUCHI Restaurant - Urbino (PU)

Large restaurant (up to 300 people) with local and international cuisine