Crystal-clear sea, soft and golden sandy beach, entertainment and fine cuisine, all in an exclusive sea-view setting, in a central location, in the seaside area.

All our hotels in Pesaro, gem of the Adriatic, have swimming pools, refined bedrooms with all amenities and extremely qualified staff intent on making your stay unforgettable.

Each of our Group hotels in Pesaro has a detail that makes it one of a kind, just like the time you spend in them: from the prestige of staying in the best hotel in the city (the 2nd best 5-star hotel in Italy according to ISNART), known and frequented by leading personalities of today and yesterday, to the glamour of staying on the main city avenue, recently requalified and with a strong visual impact and the pleasure of being surrounded by works of art, in the common areas and in your bedroom.

For anyone seeking a cultural stay and anxious to discover all the beauty of one of the major Renaissance cities of Italy, or anyone simply wanting to relax in a peaceful and suggestive setting, Urbino is the perfect place for a visit. Our hotels are located right in the old-city centre or just outside the city walls and provide an authentic experience in elegant environments, amid fine cuisine, scenic landscapes and courtesy.

Top culinary standards define the experience in our hotels with close focus on the requirements of guests and an organized service dedicated to children – a holiday in the Marche (“Italy in a region”) to be remembered for a long time.